MMK – Puno / Love Wins Feb 13, 2016

Aired: Feb 13, 2016

Stars : Joshua Garcia, Loisa Andalio, Aleck Bovick, Rommel Padilla

Plot : Ernesto has always known that he is gay since he was young, but has not come out because of fear of his father. He hides it and lives like any other ordinary boy. However, he meets Jonna and falls in love with the young lady and eventually becomes her boyfriend.

MMK – Picture Jun 25, 2016

Aired: Jun 25, 2016

Stars : Shaina Magdayao, JC De Vera, Miel Espinoza, Bernadette Allyson

Plot : Caitie is the first daughter of married couple Tine and Jayjay. The couple met when both were rebuilding their lives from failed relationships and suddenly found themselves in each other’s arms. Seeing each other as life partners, they planned to get married and to have children…

MMK – Kahon May 7, 2016

AIRED: May 7, 2016

Stars : Nora Aunor, Joel Torre, Gloria Sevilla, Angeli Bayani, Junjun Quintana

Plot : Yolly is a mother who will do anything and everything for her children, four of whom have disorders. Yolly and her husband dream of having children of their own and build a family. Unfortunately, their genes are incompatible.

MMK – Rehas Nov 26, 2016

AIRED: Nov 26, 2016

Stars : Andrea Brillantes, Dante Rivero, TJ Trinidad, Carla Martinez

Plot : Gwen (Andrea) lives an extravagant life as part of a rich and influential political clan. But even with the fortunes she has, she still aches for the love and support of her mother, who does not seem to accept her, mainly because of her sexuality and failure to do good in her studies. After discovering her clan’s corrupt and unjust practices, her then peaceful life was disrupted with the turn of events. Even if it’s against her will, she eventually becomes one of the accomplices in her uncle’s rape case, and for nine months, she, together with her uncle and men hide in the mountain. But as time passes by she is consumed by her conscience. Standing up for what is right, she submits herself to justice and chooses to suffer behind the bars of Correctional Institution for Women. How will Gwen live her new life in jail? Will she eventually get the love she has craved from her mother?

MMK – Pasa May 21, 2016

AIRED: May 21, 2016

Stars : Diego Loyzaga, Raikko Mateo, Jay Manalo, Precious Lara Quigaman

Plot : Rommel grows up with his biological mother Mila, his biological father Rody, and his father’s wife Bita. He was teased by his friends because of his family’s non-traditional set-up but both Mila and Bita assure Rommel that he is lucky to have two mothers. Aside of being confused over the complicated relationship of his parents, Rommel accept Mila and Bita to become his both mother. But things take a dark turn when his father’s abusive behavior leads to Bita’s decision to flee their complicated situation.