MMK – Lubid Nov 7, 2009

AIRED: Nov 7, 2009

Stars : Gerald Anderson, Rio Locsin, Nonie Buencamino, John Manalo

Plot : Jerome Concepcion (Gerald Anderson) who was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome when he was already in his early 20s. Jerome bears a lot of emotional scars because he grew up being severely disciplined by his mom Criselda (Rio Locsin) who never understood his odd mannerisms and mood swings due to his illness. After his father passes away soon after being diagnosed with lung cancer, Jerome is left with no choice but to help his mom take care of his siblings. Is it too late for them to fix what went wrong between them? And how will Jerome deal with all the trials in his life when his illness always gets in the way?

MMK – Bisikleta Sep 19, 2009

AIRED: Sep 19, 2009

Stars : Ronaldo Valdez, Dimples Romana, Mika Dela Cruz, Eva Darren

Plot : Chen (Mika Dela Cruz) who has always been an avid fan of Philippine folklore because it was what her Lolo Uge (Ronaldo Valdez) instilled in her. But unlike other kids who eventually outgrow their fascination with mythical creatures such as dwarfs and fairies, Chen believes that they have the power to cure her mom’s cancer. But when her mom suddenly dies, she begins to hate her grandfather for telling her the stories which she now sees as lies. Will she ever forgive Lolo Uge for encouraging her to hold on to her fantasies?