MMK – Bahay Ampunan Jul 24, 1994

AIRED: Jul 24, 1994

Stars : Lady Lee, Alfred Manal, Lovely Rivero, Royce Subido

Plot : It is in orphan Anna’s foster home where meets siblings Benny and Liza, new best friends whom she now considers family. She constantly defends them against the orphanage’s resident bully Dodong, but later Anna finds out that this is just a small dilemma compared to the real reason the siblings had to live in the orphanage in the first place: the siblings’ Uncle Peping, whom Benny believes to be good, raped Liza and threatened to kill them both if anybody else found out.

MMK – Dancing Shoes Sep 7, 1994

AIRED: Sep 7, 1994

Stars : Nida Blanca, Nestor de Villa, Ryan Soler, Eva Darren

Plot : Every man has his one great love. But before Ramil could even get close to his, he witnesses his grandfather Cirilo hold on to his great love. During their youth, Cirilo and Dolores were young lovers, but were forced to separate because of their parents. Now widowed and old, Dolores comes back and refreshes Cirlio’s bittersweet memories. Can one relive his one great love even in old age?

MMK – Batingaw May 25, 1994

AIRED: May 25, 1994

Stars : Chuckie Dreyfus, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Katrin Gonzales

Plot : In an impoverished village where misery afflicts everyone like a common cold, a young sacristan upholds his belief in God and his family. Elmer persists in his service to the church despite his father’s death and the lure of escape. His faith is put to its gravest trial yet as his own mother’s grief directs her to sacrilege and a life of debauchery.

MMK – Toga Apr 27, 1994

AIRED: Apr 27, 1994

Stars : Joel Torre, Jomari Yllana, Lito Legaspi, Daria Ramirez, Jean Saburit, Robert Ortega, Meryll Soriano

Plot : An impressive educational attainment is all Ador ever dreamed of for his son, Paulo. Ador is unable to take custody of this illegitimate son out of fear of his meddlesome but wage-earning wife. As Paulo strives to be whole despite the complexities of being left alone, he begins to contemplate whether Ador is in the position to expect much from his son when he himself is an unfit father.

MMK – Tutong Na Sinaing Apr 20, 1994

AIRED: Apr 20, 1994

Stars : Raffy Bonanza, Tess Dumpit, Luz Fernandez, Bb Gandanghari

Plot : For a woman with a face scarred by burns, Lourdes chooses to spend her time working than feeling sorry for herself. She realizes she must make both ends meet, especially that her family has abandoned her. Lourdes is resigned to living a solitary life, until she meets Cesar. For the first time in her life, Lourdes experiences