MMK – Bibingka’t Puto Bungbong Dec 29, 1993

AIRED: Dec 29, 1993

Stars : Mark Anthony Fernandez, Eric Fructuoso, Isabel Granada, Lucita Soriano

Plot : Inseparable friends Eldric, James, and Mickey consider their group a close-knit family. Of the pack James acts as the big brother, especially to problematic rich kid Eldric, who has become utterly dependent on James whenever he has a problem with his girlfriend Noemi.

MMK – Christmas Card Dec 15, 1993

AIRED: Dec 15, 1993

Stars : Boots Anson-Roa, Keempee De Leon, Dante Rivero

Plot : Zeny and her only son Roldan finally find peace when her husband Amado, a drunkard, leaves them to fend for their own. As the new breadwinner of the family Zeny puts up a restaurant business and succeeds. But their bliss suddenly gets disrupted when Amado arrives at their doorstep, begging for another chance.

MMK – Matchbox Dec 9, 1993

AIRED: Dec 9, 1993

Stars : Robert Arevalo, Jigo Garcia, Smokey Manaloto, Pocholo Montes

Plot : Two young friends stand by each other like brothers with an irrevocable pact. However, the difference in their family background prevents them from fulfilling their dreams together. One of them becomes a victim of a father’s interminable wrath and faces his life’s worst demons.

MMK – Pera at Diploma Nov 24, 1993

AIRED: Nov 24, 1993

Stars : Miguel Garcia, Manilyn Reynes, Tessie Tomas, Shintaro Valdez

Plot : Rosa is a stern disciplinarian obsessed with raising her daughter Lucy as a straight-A student and shielding her from any form of distraction no matter how minor. Lucy tries to tolerate her mother, but when the latter goes through extreme measures just to ensure her goal, Lucy finds it difficult to shake off the idea that her own mother could be the bane of her existence.

MMK – Bangkang Papel January 6, 1993

AIRED: January 6, 1993

Stars : Ricky Davao

Plot : To comply with their dying son’s last wish, Percival and Anna feign a happy relationship despite the fact they have burned bridges a long time ago. In the process of pretense, Percival finds himself drawn to Anna once again. Is Anna willing to give love another chance despite her battle against her son’s sickness and memories of Percival’s betrayal?