MMK S01E37 – Bundok Jan 29, 1992

AIRED: Jan 29, 1992

Stars : Tirso Cruz III, Sheryl Cruz, Marita Zobel, Ray Ventura, Mike Austria

Plot : It’s typical rustic bliss for Emmie’s family in the province-a happy home with responsible parents and well-behaved children. But beneath the picturesque life lurks the danger brought on by the hushed mutiny of the armed guerilla residing in the mountains, and the danger becomes real when Dennis, Emmie’s intellectual brother, decides to take a revolutionary stand.

MMK – Fishpond Feb 10, 1992

AIRED: Feb 10, 1992

Stars : Rachel Alejandro, Rustom Padilla, Charlie Davao, Daria Ramirez, Marilyn Villamayor, Carmen Enriquez

Plot : Rose’s father makes the sweet gesture of purchasing a cottage with a fishpond for his wife, Cita. Because of Cita’s weak heart, her husband deems their constant retreat into a serene place with fresh air helpful to her. Like her parents, Rose is happy with the new hideaway as she meets her prospective first love, Roger the caretaker. While this family is dreaming of blissful days ahead, the handsome Roger is blinding them with his irresistible charm.

MMK – Mustang Feb 12, 1992

AIRED: Feb 12, 1992

Stars : Christopher de Leon, Sandy Andolong, L.A. Lopez

Plot : After five years of separation, Jerry and Monica reunited through a twist of fate. Their son Jake needed special care after an accident, and this is impossible for Monica to provide alone, given the demands of her job. Now that the estranged couple is under the same roof by any chance, would Monica and Jerry dream of a life together once again?

MMK – Lagda Feb 19, 1992

AIRED: Feb 19, 1992

Stars : Vina Morales, Barbara Perez, Ronnel Victor, Ruben Rustia, Tita de Villa, Panchito Alba, Aida Espiritu, Mario Escudero

Plot : When Raquel’s wealthy adoptive parents died, she lived with Amanda whom she knew all her life as her nanny. Amanda was ecstatic at this opportunity to spend time with the daughter she was deprived of for a long time. However, Amanda is faced with a dilemma of whether to divulge the truth to Raquel for she is guilty of giving Raquel up, thinking that a life of luxury is what everyone needs in order to be happy.

MMK – An Affair to Remember Feb 26, 1992

AIRED: Feb 26, 1992

Stars : Lani Mercado, Vina Morales, Miguel Rodriguez, Pocholo Montes, Dennis Baltazar, Lora Luna

Plot : A man and a woman fall deeply in love but outside the boundaries of their individual marriages. Lucille is the kind of wife any man dreams of having, but her own husband Ben is far from ideal. She is convinced that she is bound to spend her life in this miserable marriage until Dave enters the picture. Despite the fact that Dave and Lucille found happiness in each other, they ponder on whether it is possible for forbidden love to be true love.

MMK – Rosaryong Itim Mar 18, 1992

AIRED: Mar 18, 1992

Stars : Jean Garcia, Eric Quizon, Luis Gonzales, Susan Africa, Romeo Rivera

Plot : Lorna hates her father because his irresponsibility led to the demise of Lorna’s mother, but the hatred turns into genuine loathing when he rapes her. Lorna reaches the threshold of her patience and turns her father over to the police. And now that she is given the chance to start a new life, will the ghosts of her past finally cease to haunt her?

MMK – Hawla April 1, 1992

AIRED: April 1, 1992

Stars : Amy Austria, Rey PJ Abellana, Alicia Alonzo, Rez Cortez, Orestes Ojeda, Lora Luna

Plot : For Isabel, nothing is more painful than seeing her own mother neglect her sick father in favor of a young man who makes sexual advances at Isabel herself. To escape her dismal home, Isabel takes her nursing internship in a distant province where she meets a great guy. But how can Isabel build a new life for herself if her emotional foundation is built on wretched memories?

MMK – Tuwalya April 22, 1992

AIRED: April 22, 1992

Stars : Aga Muhlach, Roy Alvarez, Lawrence Pineda, Luz Valdez, Eula Valdez

Plot : LA-based businessman Gabby falls for Lisa the instant he lays eyes on her, but the tomboyish lady mechanic does not share his infatuation because she has no interest in men at all. This is the despair of her older brother Ramon, who wishes to see Lisa suitably settled as soon as possible because of his secret terminal illness. Is Gabby the one meant for Lisa, the one who would take care of her the way Ramon has all these years?

MMK – Paper Weight April 29, 1992

AIRED: April 29, 1992

Stars : Gloria Diaz, Rio Diaz, Mark Gil, Junell Hernando

Plot : When Irene got pregnant after college, she married Rex but remained unwilling to put her plans on hold. She passes on the responsibility of being a homemaker to her sister Karen as she pursues her dream of building a career. Irene never expected that her selfish ambition would turn her into an outsider in her own home and that Karen would fit perfectly into the roles that Irene abandoned.