MMK – Singsing Pangkasal Aug 28, 1991

AIRED: Aug 28, 1991

Stars : Gina Alajar, Manny Castañeda, Michael De Mesa, Suzanne Gonzales

Plot : With marriage as the only recourse for a better life, Linda marries draftsman Senyong despite his mother’s violent objection. Soon Senyong is offered a job in Saudi, and Linda feels their dreams are finally coming true. Later the happy dream turns into a nightmare, as her mother-in-law tells Senyong about Linda’s imaginary infidelity, slowly breaking her family apart.

MMK – Laruang Papel Dec 18, 1991

AIRED: Dec 18, 1991

Stars : Helen Gamboa, Smokey Manaloto, Dante Rivero, Naty Santiago

Plot : Rosa never forgot the day her father abandoned their family. In fact, it is intense anger towards him that directed all her decisions in life. Rosa goes to the city in search of her father. Blinded by hatred, she foregoes her morals and exhausts all means to gain wealth and power.

MMK – Valedictorian Medal Dec 11, 1991

AIRED: Dec 11, 1991

Stars : Nida Blanca, Michael Laygo, Dindo Mercado, Pocholo Montes

Plot : Despite her family’s physical and emotional abuse Maria Eden still strives to excel in school, believing that academic achievement would bring her closer to them. Soon her efforts pay off and she graduates at the top of her class, but will her valedictorian medal be enough to make her family love her and be proud of her?

MMK S01E27 – Kuwintas Nov 13, 1991

Aired : Nov 13, 1991

Director : Emmanuel H. Borlaza

Stars : Beth Bautista, Mario Escudero, Bernadette Figueroa, Marco Polo Garcia

Plot : Despite the fact that he is merely an adopted son, Fernan dedicated his life to the service of his surrogate family. He worked hard to fend for his parents and siblings. Even after falling in love and exceeding the ideal age for settling down, he continued to devote himself to his abusive family. His longtime girlfriend Aida tried to share in Fernan’s long-suffering character, but her patience eventually wore out.

MMK S01E26 – Kuwadrong Basag Nov 6, 1991

Aired : Nov 6, 1991

Director : Mac Alejandre

Stars : Grace Amilbangsa, Robert Arevalo, Marco Ballesteros, Dennis Baltazar

Plot : Despite the huge age gap, Tessie and Delfin’s union blossomed into a blissful relationship. Tessie helped Delfin get over a marriage that bitterly ended long before Tessie was born. In turn, Delfin was devoted to his young wife whose childhood was far from pleasant. It was a marriage made in heaven until they learn of a despicable secret intertwining their past.

MMK S01E25 – Abito Oct 30, 1991

Aired : Oct 30, 1991

Director : Emmanuel H. Borlaza

Stars : Rey PJ Abellana, Dina Bonnevie, Ester Chavez, Lovely Rivero

Plot : As a nun and high school principal, Sister Guada expected nothing but a serene life. The only life she has outside her peaceful abode is in the field as she does volunteer work to help less fortunate people. After meeting Dino, a new professor, she finds herself in an unlikely role as an object of a man’s affection. Can Sister Guada resist spending a little time with Dino knowing that it may lead to a lifetime of regret?

MMK S01E24 – Pigurin Oct 23, 1991

Aired : Oct 23, 1991

Director : Mac Alejandre

Stars : Tita De Villa, Ronnie Lazaro, Aga Muhlach, Beverly Vergel

Plot : Baby is an old maid who has given up on the possibility of finding love. Her time is spent manning the shop her family owns and scolding the workers for every minor mistake. Her mundane days as a spinster take an overwhelming turn when worker Ricky takes an interest in her. Though handsome and charming, Ricky is not a safe choice for a reserved woman like Baby, but before she could realize this, she is led into a dangerous and passionate romance.