MMK – Regalo: Part 2 May 11, 2006

Aired: May 11, 2006

Stars : Ricky Davao, Erich Gonzales, Maja Salvador, Vilma Santos

Plot : April’s condition is getting worse so Daisy put all her attention to her eldest’s daughter’s welfare to the point that she forgets her husband and her life. Sadly, April passed away. Heart broken, Daisy tried to cope with the lost of her daughter. To honor her daughter, Daisy works with NGO that takes care of the sick.

MMK – Bottled Water Aug 22, 2015

Aired: Aug 22, 2015

Stars : Maris Racal, Manolo Pedrosa, Irma Adlawan, Jestoni Alarcon

Plot : Zyra is a teenager who has a lot of bad experiences in love. When she entered college, Zyra had her hopes up once again to find the man of her dreams when she met Arnie, her schoolmate who is openly gay. Because of his sexual preference, Arnie shocked everyone when he confessed that he has developed feelings for Zyra. What did Zyra and Arnie do to prove to everyone that their love is real?

MMK – Bigas Mar 13, 2021

Aired: Mar 13, 2021

Stars : Angeline Quinto, Irma Adlawan, Mary Joy Apostol

Plot : Rebecca grew up taking to heart her mother Conching’s(Irma Adlawan) teaching that she must face life’s problems using her head before her emotions. Having ten siblings, Rebecca knew that she needed to help Conching to feed their family because her father Arong and older siblings were too dependent on her mother.