MMK – Fatima Soriano Oct 30, 2003

AIRED: Oct 30, 2003

Stars : Moreen Guese, Tess Antonio, Menggie Cobarrubias, Frances Ignacio

Plot : No other child has inspired and touched lives through radio and television more than Fatima Soriano. In her formative years, little Fatima was diagnosed with a disease that ultimately causes kidney failure. Young as she is, Fatima refuses to be defeated by the agony of multiple dialysis daily. She chooses to live, and not just an ordinary existence, but a life devoted to encouraging her disheartened family and those around her to never waver in faith.

MMK – Dancing Shoes Sep 7, 1994

AIRED: Sep 7, 1994

Stars : Nida Blanca, Nestor de Villa, Ryan Soler, Eva Darren

Plot : Every man has his one great love. But before Ramil could even get close to his, he witnesses his grandfather Cirilo hold on to his great love. During their youth, Cirilo and Dolores were young lovers, but were forced to separate because of their parents. Now widowed and old, Dolores comes back and refreshes Cirlio’s bittersweet memories. Can one relive his one great love even in old age?

MMK – Sulat Mar 18, 2017

AIRED: Mar 18, 2017

Stars : Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Edgar Allan Guzman, Eva Darren

Plot : Bernard (Gerald) already knew that it was love the moment he laid his eyes on Cze (Kim). When they were young, Bernard secretly sent handmade love letters to Cze to express his admiration for her. The two eventually get acquainted with each other until Cze finds out that Bernard is her secret admirer.