MMK – Mask Oct 12, 2013

AIRED: Oct 12, 2013

Stars : Angel Locsin, Paulo Avelino, Mark Gil, Tanya Gomez

Plot : Mildred (Angel Locsin) is a patient diagnosed with an extreme case of tuberculosis How will Mildred and her nurse, Stuart (Paulo Avelino), cure each other’s aching lives? Will love die when a beloved lets go and gives up on a relationship?

MMK – Bota Apr 18, 2015

AIRED: Apr 18, 2015

Stars : JM De Guzman, Nonie Buencamino, Michelle Madrigal, Ana Capri

Plot : Paul is a firefighter who sacrificed almost all his time for his family just to save lives. What will Paul do once his own home is “under fire?” How will life teach Paul the value of giving time for his family and his career?