MMK – Gitara Feb 15, 2014

AIRED: Feb 15, 2014

Stars : Xian Lim, Bangs Garcia, Nadia Montenegro, Louella De Cordova

Plot : Maynard (Xian Lim) is the playboy who captures the heart of Zandrae (Bangs Garcia), a girl who grew up with a lot of insecurities due to her dark skin tone and unsupportive family. Feeling loved and valued by Maynard, Zandrae will let her world revolve around him. What will Zandrae do when she discovers that the guy she loves is just playing with her?

MMK – Journal Feb 4, 2012

AIRED: Feb 4, 2012

Stars : Sam Milby, Jessy Mendiola, Lito Pimentel, Mickey Ferriols

Plot : Joie (Jessy Mendiola) is a 16 year-old who secretly writes to her ‘future boyfriend’ in her journal long before she even meets him. Then she becomes friends with Nono (Sam Milby), a charming guy whom she treats like an older brother at first. But they soon find themselves falling in love with each other despite her parents’ disapproval. Is their love strong enough to withstand the trials they’ll encounter along the way?

MMK – Pictures Jan 22, 2011

AIRED: Jan 22, 2011

Stars : Zsa Zsa Padilla, Empress Schuck, John Prats, Carlos Morales

Plot : A heartbreaking story about how the relationship between mother and daughter can be destroyed because of their love for the same man. Carla resists the charms of her suitor Marlon because of their age gap. Although she refuses to be committed to a younger guy, she tells him that it is okay for them to remain friends. But trouble begins when she discovers that her daughter Anna has developed romantic feelings for Marlon. Unexpected events turn mother and daughter into rivals vying for Marlon’s love.

MMK – Santan Jan 25, 2014

AIRED: Jan 25, 2014

Stars : K Brosas, Dennis Padilla, Khalil Ramos, Aleck Bovick

Plot : Neneng (K Brosas) is a cheerful and loving mother, who suddenly gets hooked in texting a young guy named Janus (Khalil Ramos). What pushed a dedicated housewife to escape from her “real life” and give her time to a total stranger?