MMK – Longboard Jun 21, 2014

AIRED: Jun 21, 2014

Stars : Jairus Aquino, Zoren Legaspi, Assunta De Rossi, Yves Flores

Plot : Bibi is the protective father of Dandoy. Bibi yearns for his son to finish his studies. But their relationship is soon put to test when Dandoy stops schooling to concentrate on his hobby, longboarding. How can a son prove to his father that he made the right decision?

MMK – Ensaymada Jan 7, 2012

AIRED: Jan 7, 2012

Stars : Phillip Salvador, Kathryn Bernardo, Snooky Serna, Janus Del Prado

Plot : The story of the exceptional strong father-and-daughter bond between Ete (Phillip Salvador) and Dang (Kathryn Bernardo), especially when Ete became mentally ill. During their family’s difficult times, it was Dang who stood by her father even if her mother, Pion (Snooky Serna), was already giving up.

MMK – Kabibe Nov 3, 2012

AIRED: Nov 3, 2012

Stars : Gina Pareño, Dante Rivero, Rodjun Cruz, Sunshine Garcia

Plot : Eliza (Gina Pareño) and Lito (Dante Rivero) are childhood sweethearts who after 45 years, when their spouses died already, were reunited to fulfill their promises of love to each other. Amid the strong resistance of their children, how will Eliza and Lito realize their ultimate dream to walk down the aisle as each other’s first and last love?

MMK – Shorts Mar 31, 2012

AIRED: Mar 31, 2012

Stars : John Manalo, Francis Magundayao, Emilio Garcia, Daisy Reyes

Plot : Meynard (Francis Magundayao) and Raymond (John Manalo) are best friends who have always dreamed of riding a ship and exploring the world together. When they finally had the chance to fulfill their ambition, Meynard and Raymond’s dream turned into a nightmare after the ship’s crewmen threw them out in the sea and left them afloat for 17 hours

MMK – Baston Jul 12, 2014

AIRED: Jul 12, 2014

Stars : Erich Gonzales, Irma Adlawan, William Lorenzo, Nina Ricci Alagao

Plot : Jessa has glaucoma which she inherited from her mother. At the young age of 18, she was completely blind. She worked as teacher to the students who are visually impaired like her and she was also crowned as Miss Philippines on Wheels, Signs and Visions 2013.