MMK – Class Picture Dec 12, 2015

AIRED: Dec 12, 2015

Stars : Gerald Anderson, Snooky Serna, Trina Legaspi

Plot : Being the eldest of four children, Bert is the pride and joy of Aquil and Delia, both public school teachers based in Aklan. At an early age, he already aspires to be a teacher like them someday. When Bert turns six, his family experiences their first tragedy, the accidental demise of Aquil due to poisoning. A determined Delia singlehandedly raises Bert and her other children and inspires them to reach for their dreams.

MMK – Cards Jul 7, 2018

AIRED: Jul 7, 2018

Stars : Janella Salvador, Assunta De Rossi, Mutya Orquia, Louise Abuel

Plot : Magic has always had a special place in Rosela’s (Janella) heart since it is what binds her to her father, Ruperto (Tirso Cruz III). However, after Ruperto unexpectedly dies, their family struggles financially, forcing Rosela and her siblings to start working. She promises to honor him by still making him proud one day. Rosela finds a way to continue her education, but eventually returns to her true passion against the wishes of her mother, Josie (Assunta de Rossi), who believes magic is a waste of time. Will Rosela fulfill her promise to her father by achieving her dream of becoming a magician, or by abandoning her passion to provide for their family?

MMK – Lubid Nov 7, 2009

AIRED: Nov 7, 2009

Stars : Gerald Anderson, Rio Locsin, Nonie Buencamino, John Manalo

Plot : Jerome Concepcion (Gerald Anderson) who was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome when he was already in his early 20s. Jerome bears a lot of emotional scars because he grew up being severely disciplined by his mom Criselda (Rio Locsin) who never understood his odd mannerisms and mood swings due to his illness. After his father passes away soon after being diagnosed with lung cancer, Jerome is left with no choice but to help his mom take care of his siblings. Is it too late for them to fix what went wrong between them? And how will Jerome deal with all the trials in his life when his illness always gets in the way?