MMK – Bisikleta Sep 19, 2009

AIRED: Sep 19, 2009

Stars : Ronaldo Valdez, Dimples Romana, Mika Dela Cruz, Eva Darren

Plot : Chen (Mika Dela Cruz) who has always been an avid fan of Philippine folklore because it was what her Lolo Uge (Ronaldo Valdez) instilled in her. But unlike other kids who eventually outgrow their fascination with mythical creatures such as dwarfs and fairies, Chen believes that they have the power to cure her mom’s cancer. But when her mom suddenly dies, she begins to hate her grandfather for telling her the stories which she now sees as lies. Will she ever forgive Lolo Uge for encouraging her to hold on to her fantasies?

MMK – Funeral Parlor Sep 4, 2010

AIRED: Sep 4, 2010

Stars : Assunta De Rossi, Gloria Diaz, William Martinez, Allen Dizon

Plot : A story of two families who clashed because of a funeral parlor. Mabel and her Uncle Delfin established a funeral parlor in their barangay. With their combined expertise, their funeral business boomed until Delfin’s sister Magdalena came into the picture.

MMK – Manok Nov 26, 2011

AIRED: Nov 26, 2011

Stars : Sylvia Sanchez, Precious Lara Quigaman, Maliksi Morales, Kathleen Hermosa

Plot : A touching story about an extraordinary friendship. Anna (Precious Lara Quigaman) saw the good in Poying (Sylvia Sanchez) who is feared by their community for being an “aswang.” Despite Poying’s unusual behavior, Anna treated Poying as part of her family.

MMK – Drawing May 11, 2013

AIRED: May 11, 2013

Stars : Rica Peralejo, Dexter Doria, Cris Villanueva, Celine Lim

Plot : Minda (Rica Peralejo) got married at the very young age of 11. Soon after, her husband Ronnie (Allen Dizon) died of leukemia. Because of poverty, Minda decided to leave her children with her in-laws in order to work and save enough money for their future. After many years, Minda finally had the guts to return to her sons and daughters, only to find out that they were maltreated by her late husband’s family. How can she erase the painful experiences that her children went through? Will a mother’s unconditional love be enough to make up for all of her shortcomings in the past years?

Magpakailanman – Crime of Passion / Kung Hindi Ka Magiging Akin Aug 24, 2019

AIRED: Aug 24, 2019

Stars : Boobay, Dentrix Ponce, Odette Khan

Plot : When Edison’s (Dentrix Ponce) mother was sent to jail for drug pushing, he already lived with his grandmother, Minda (Odette Khan), even if their family is not earning enough money to feed all of them. A working student, Edison became a product of bullying until he was defended by a security guard, Genesis (Boobay), whom he later befriended. Later on, Genesis treated Edison as his family, but all those good intentions come at an expense-his secret admiration for the teenager later became an obsession.