MMK – Kidney Oct 13, 2018

AIRED: Oct 13, 2018

Stars : Bianca King, Sandino Martin, Lito Pimentel, Mickey Ferriols

Plot : Siblings Sherwin (Sandino) and Love (Bianca) have learned to depend to each other throughout the years, especially when their parents broke up. They have leaned on each other through good and bad times, even when they had started their own families, and when Sherwin started using drugs. Love never gave up on Sherwin and kept guiding him.

MMK – Silbato Nov 6, 2010

AIRED: Nov 6, 2010

Stars : Coco Martin, Rio Locsin, Desiree Del Valle, Bing Davao

Plot : A touching story of a mentally challenged man who witnessed a crime and proved that his limitations is not a liability for him to do the honorable thing. Jerome was born with mental disability. Despite his condition and condescension of other people, Jerome tried to live a normal life with a happy and positive disposition.

MMK – Laptop Jun 23, 2018

AIRED: Jun 23, 2018

Stars : Rufa Mae Quinto, Michelle Vito, Rommel Padilla, Xia Vigor

Plot : After joining “Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition,” Caitlin (Michelle Vito) became a celebrity with a steadily growing fanbase on her Facebook page, which was managed by her mother Vivian (Rufa Mae Quinto). The mother and daughter befriended a fan, Charles (Kokoy de Santos), who was able to gain their trust. All was well until they found out that he used Caitlin’s identity and pictures to catfish another fan into a two-year relationship with him. How did Caitlin recover her identity?

MMK – Teddy Bear Dec 1, 2018

AIRED: Dec 1, 2018

Stars : Shaina Magdayao, RK Bagatsing, Belle Mariano, Jana Agoncillo

Plot : The “bread winner” of her family, Sheila has always put her loved ones’ needs first. Because of this, it takes a while before she gets into a relationship. She meets the seaman Rey (RK Bagatsing) who pursues her. She tries to deflect him because of Rey’s reputation as a womanizer. But as fate would have it, they fall for each other and are blessed with a daughter, whom they name Lyka. One day, Sheila discovers that Lyka has HIV, which they traced back to Rey brought about by him sleeping around before they got married.